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Relaunch of our BLOG

A Website is an organic object - It's growing, evolving, undergoes changes ... and becomes overloaded with time. We all know that. Since more than a year the 'new' web design as you see it right now and here is online and got lots of positive feedback. Thanks for that. started back in 2001. Holy smokes! The blog to go along with the bilingual web presence came shortly after. While it was designed as a kind of 'add-on' to the (portfolio-) website, personal projects, gear reviews and (at least to my feeling) interesting photography related articles were included. One big problem I had all the time was to manage both versions of the blog - the German and the English one - in parallel. Maybe a strict translation of the same articles would have been better. Well, some articles were more intended to be interesting for the German audience, others for the international community.

Today, I clearly see Photography (in its visual form obviously) and as a subject to write about (and there is a lot to share...) as one unity. I like my mother tongue as much as I like foreign languages. In any case the 'NEW BLOG!' will be published in English and will play the role of my 'photographic diary' or call it a scrapbook, I am sharing with all of you. On a regular basis, not weekly but several times per month. That's the plan.

+ + + For reference: The old blog is still online and can be found here: + + +

For now, I say thank you for your support, all the comments and likes.

Stay tuned ...

Peter Fauland
Kniprodestr. 118
10407 Berlin, Germany