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Berlin Travel Festival

Adventure | Travel | Photography. Those three go well together for me and so many of you guys out there. From the 8th to 10th of March 2019 it will be all about getting inspired, talking to likeminded people, listening to Globetrotters, influencers, Photographers and simply having a great time. Check out the Berlin Travel Festival website for all further info. There are more than 120 talks and workshops waiting for you. Go to the festival program to find out and book your ticket here.

I will be hosting six Photowalks (two on Friday, four on Saturday) and show you all the little tricks and hacks to get those killer-shots during your next trip - no matter if downtown after work or on Safari in Africa. You simply need to register and we are good to go.

Looking forward seeing you ...

Peter Fauland
Kniprodestr. 118
10407 Berlin, Germany